“To Know God and Make Him known to Others” is our Mission Statement.
  We are pro-active in telling others of the awesome love, joy, and inner peace that they can come to have
through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
We’re located just outside the heart of Sugar Grove, PA, on Jamestown St. Heading out of town towards the East, take the left fork and pass one small road to the left, and we’re just beyond the small road to the right. Across the street from the church is a hillside with a cross on the top.
What drives us? 
Our VISION STATEMENT is what we aspire to be as a church.  We aspire to be:
Acquiring God’s character fully · 
Seeking God’s spirit wholly ·
  Pursuing the lost intentionally ·
  Invading our culture creatively · 
Reaching people’s brokenness lovingly ·
  Equipping the church completely


 Our PURPOSE STATEMENT is to use the tools of today to reach the people of today in ways that have relevance for today.
Our PASSION is to serve Jesus Christ allowing Him to use us with “No Limits”.  This passion fuels all we do, motivating all aspects of our ministries
Our PRACTICES are governed by biblical principles, sound reason, learned experience, and church tradition


Our church Leadership Team meets once a month and is comprised of individuals who are directors of specific ministry areas in our church.  

We have a wide range of ministry areas and we welcome and encourage you to think about an area of service in our church or community.  Real discipleship cannot be pursued solely in studying or meditation.  Discipleship entails our practicing servant hood.  Many areas are open for you to be come involved in – music, teaching, hospitality, visitation, ushering, stewardship, children, world missions, and many others besides.