The After School Program provides children with educational activities, hands-on projects, homework help, and interaction with peers in a safe and caring environment. The program is available for elementary school age children.
All employees will have Act 34 clearances and a criminal background check.
The program will be held each day the Warren County Public Schools are in session beginning at 3:15 PM and closing at 5:30 PM. The program will not run on holidays, snow days, or early dismissal days.



The program will be open to families with children attending Eisenhower as well as any New York State children whose parents choose to transport them. Transportation will be provided from Eisenhower to the Free Methodist Church. Children in kindergarten through 6th grade are eligible. The program will be available to working and stay-at-home parents.



When your child walks through the doors of our After School Program, they will first of all be greeted by our loving staff. They will then be given an opportunity to share their day’s experiences just before receiving an afternoon snack. Following snack they will be able to do homework required for that day and then be “set free” to join games, occasional movie watching, and other fun energy-burning events that will be taking place until you, the parent or guardian, arrive to pick them up.
If you are interested in learning more about the program or enrolling your child call the church office at 814-489-3105.