The Food Pantry at the Sugar Grove Free Methodist Church is open every Tuesday night of each month from 6PM to 8PM. We serve the Youngsville and Eisenhower school districts.

How do we begin? 145,363 pounds of food, 1,900 client visits. Connections with local people, invitations to family functions?   A new food pantry, local family donates commercial freezer, 2,300 volunteer hours, and new people coming to church on a regular basis to worship God in our house? The SGFMC food ministries last year through the volunteer efforts of God’s people were able to hand out and distribute to qualifying families in the area 145,363 pounds of food over the 12 months of 2015. As a result of this we made connections to local families that resulted in personal invitations to the family functions of some of the people in our community, resulted in numerous local area families attending our church on a regular basis, and cost our congregation about $1,500 in real capital outlay. How does one measure the progress of such an endeavor? Mere numbers are just numbers and are not adequate to express how humble it makes us to see the results of this work. We meet the needs of 1,900 local families representing about 9,500 people on a person to person basis? We did it for a little under a dollar a family visit in real costs to us, sent people away with an average of 76 pounds of food and the realization that God loves them. We got the opportunity to get to know their families, talk about their hopes, joys and struggles, pray with them at times, meet their physical needs in a tangible way and sometimes even get to attend to their birthday parties, weddings, and sadly funerals. So is it worth it unequivocally, absolutely, positively, without question, we will shout to the rooftops and in the streets. God loves you and will meet your needs. If you want to watch God at work, no better yet help God work, look us up.