Imaginative Preschool 2016
These are this year’s classes:


            Four-year-old class (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from   12:00 – 3:00 PM)


            Three-year-old class (Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 – 11:00 AM)


Basic Goals of Our Program

  • To recognize each child as a unique individual and provide opportunity for creative self-expression through a wide variety of stimulation experiences.
  • To develop pre-math and pre-reading skills through the use of readiness activities.
  • To plan for growth and enrichment in the basic perceptual motor areas through the use of various gross and fine motor activities.
  • To cultivate human relationships through various activities such as games, songs, sharing responsibilities, etc.
  • To stimulate stable social and emotional growth in the preschool child by providing Christian influence and by relating to God as Creator.
  • To stimulate proper language development.
This program provides children with educational activities, hands-on projects, homework help, and interaction with peers in a safe and caring environment. The program is available for elementary school age children.