Joshua and Alison Erizer are starting Kids Martial Arts classes every Thursday.

3-4 year olds will work on balance, coordination, and strength building before moving on to actual Martial Arts techniques.

5-7 and 8-12 year old programs will be progressively more advanced in keeping with age and ability levels.

We will run in conjunction with the school year.


3:30—4:00 PM                           

3 and 4 year old classes


4:00—4:45 PM                              

5-7 year old classes


4:45—5:30 PM


8-12 year old classes


5:30—6:30 PM                        

13-15 year old classes


6:30—8:00 PM

Classes with Sensei Carlberg
** If your child is enrolled in the After School Program you will only need to pay the $25.00 registration fee. The program will cover the monthly rate.