Outpost – A Share and Care Store

Why “The Outpost”?  In the old American West, an “Outpost” was a resource station, a place there simple necessities could be obtained.  Not only would people go to an Outpost to shop, they would go there to connect and socialize with other people.  We are calling our downtown Sugar Grove store “The Outpost” because it is our hope that it will serve the dual purposes of being a place where simple necessities can be obtained and where people will come to connect and socialize, too.

The Outpost is a store established by the Sugar Grove Free Methodist Church for all the people of our community.  Those early outposts were also places where people battling the elements could often find sanctuary from the hardships of life and the harshness of their environment.  This is our hope for the Sugar Grove Outpost Store.  We intend this to be a place that offers sanctuary to anyone facing hardships or battles in life.

Prayer, encouragement, support, friendship, counsel, and love are on offer here in our Outpost.  Our commercial activities are for funds to be used right back in the community, Our store workers are Christian volunteers who see their roles as opportunities to promote Jesus Christ by serving people.  We truly hope our store can be successful as a vital ministry and we pray “The Outpost” will be a blessing to many.

We have quality pre-owned clothing, jewelry, household items, books, CD’s and furniture.

Outpost Hours

Sunday & Monday – closed  

Tuesday – Friday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM   

Saturday – 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM